Training for property & infrastructure teams

SKILLINGS EDUCATION gives you - Tailored Training

Options that you can select and use for yourself and your team.

SKILLINGS EDUCATION's “Local Buy” status gives local authorities and participating government agencies direct pre-approved access to our training services.
We know that training needs vary from organisation to organisation. One solution doesn't satisfy every need.

SKILLINGS EDUCATION provide course options that cater for the different knowledge and experience levels within your team - whether it's foundation skills or advanced professional development - no one misses out.

We can deliver broad skills development but we know that often you have a more specific need. Our tailored training option gives you control over where you focus your training budget - you don't sign up for content that won't add value to your team.

Tailored Outcomes - our programs deliver

  • Consistent Quality - get the whole team on the same page with process and application to improve service quality.
  • Specific Skill/Knowledge area - targeted training to match your specific operational requirements.
  • General Improvement - refresh and increase discipline knowledge.
  • Group and individual development - targeted professional development -support CPD obligations.
  • Cross discipline knowledge - build cross-team culture by broadening awareness of other functions.
  • Project Management - on time, on budget risk management - clickhere for more information about courses available.
  • Facilities Management - safe, functional facilities kept in service forminimum cost and effort - click here for more information about coursesavailable.
  • Corporate Real Estate - understanding the market and commercial reality- getting the best terms or property deal the market can deliver - click here for more information about courses available.
  • Workplace Strategy - meeting workplace needs now and, in the future,
Added value
Every course purchased includes a 6-month subscription to the SKILLINGS property resources library.

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