Training in Real Estate and Construction for Organisations

SKILLINGS Education specialises in the deployment of corporate training programs for maximum impact, armed with Australia’s most extensive library of training courses for the real estate and construction industries.

Why clients’ like our training:

Will an investment in your people achieve the result you need?

Training doesn’t always lead to the result we want, and that’s why so many organisations work with
SKILLINGS Education to deliver their training. We can curate a course to be implemented immediately into your company’s daily work procedures.

Our curated courses don’t just upskill your staff, they allow you to solve a targeted organisational issue as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Turning information into impact

Our training programs build on the methodology of Marzano & Kendall’s (2007) four levels of cognitive process (retrieval, comprehension, analysis, knowledge utilization) to ensure newly acquired information is turned into permanent skills and impact for the company.

Training packages can be designed for individuals, teams, departments, or your entire organisation.

Course areas include

  • Construction .
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Customer Experience
  • Design Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Project Management
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Workplace experience

What our customers say about our training...

I appreciate how the course has helped me understand more the delegation of task during the construction and post construction stages.
Project Manager
Project Management
I have discussed with our staff the importance of understanding the big picture of leasing - not just the small part we work in day by day.
Chief Operating Officer
Commercial Real Estate
The course delivery was easy to digest. There are not any parts where you feel tired of going through the material.
Manager - Commercial Advisory and Transactions
Workplace Strategy