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Now that you know you can access Australasia's leading provider of self-guided training and tools for real estate and commercial property, how can you use it to get the exact outcome you want for your organisation?

Book a demo with a training expert to get the answers.

Why people love our demos

Our demos are a way to access a highly experienced consultant to answer questions like:
  • Can training be used to solve our specific problem?
  • How can we get an ROI from upskilling?
  • What's the most effective way to administer training in our organisation?
  • What's the minimum effective dose to get results?
  • How can we use licences efficiently to save money?

What will you get from a SKILLINGS demo?

  • A guided tour of the SE platform
  • 30 minutes one on one with an industry specialist
  • Discuss how the platform can be used or tailored to suit your specific needs.
  • Each demo attendee will receive a bonus 30 days free access to the SKILLINGS EDUCATION learning platform (value $118 each for up to 10 people i.e. up to $1180 value).

What will it cost you

The only cost is your time

Who will benefit from attending?

You, team members, leadership, or anyone who manages the training funding in your organisation (resolve any questions about pricing and purchasing arrangements). Commonly we have 1 to 3 attendees but up to 10 can attend.
How to book a demo
Ask a SKILLINGS EDUCATION industry specialist if you need more information
Book a demo will a SKILLINGS EDUCATION industry specialist