About Us

SKILLINGS Education is a team of passionate industry experts and educators sharing their combined career skills and practices gained from over 50 years.

Why SKILLINGS Education?

Australia's first commercial property eLearning platform

SKILLINGS Education is a premium eLearning solutions provider. We offer the most comprehensive and first eLearning platform focusing on Commercial Property.

SKILLINGS Education has been delivering bespoke, self-service, and accredited training programmes to small start-ups right through to global brands since 2016.

We offer the ultimate eLearning experience with 12 course libraries and readymade templates focusing on the whole of property lifecycle and providing our customers the opportunity to bring consistency to their own work and their delivery as a local or global service.

Our vision is to deliver a professional yet a rewarding and fun eLearning experience, which will bring uniformity to your organisation’s procedures and practices.  Get the training you need to get started on your next project, or upskill in another delivery area, the choice is yours.  

With our range of readymade or curated introductory, intermediate, or advanced courses, we help people in all roles learn how the phases of a commercial property project interconnect, focusing on a quality service delivery and supporting professional growth.

Learn about all the stages of a commercial property project or get the training needed for your next project.  SKILLINGS Education helps businesses, and their people learn transferrable skills.

Our Values

Real Partnerships. With you all the way.

Our service provides inclusive and creative partnerships.  We are with you all the way from the day we discuss your desired outcomes through to regular catchups with you and your people.  Whether it’s hundreds of courses across the course libraries or a specific introductory, intermediate, or advanced learning path you want, we will make your choice work for you.

Trusted and Leading.

Our course developers from across the globe share a passion for personal and professional growth.  Learn from a team of experts in workplace strategy, design, construction, project management and more.

Industry Relevant. Transferable skills.

This did not happen by accident, our courses are designed to be industry relevant and easy to use, anytime, anywhere, 24/7.  Whether it is your first property project or if you have experience, you will quickly learn new skills, improve on existing skills and be able to deliver the right outcomes.

Getting results.

Our commitment is to provide real and valuable benefits. Experience the difference that a relevant eLearning solution can do for your people and project outcomes.

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