About Us

Our story is a simple one, but our training programs are anything but

We love paying it forward and sharing the knowledge we have collected over many years and many many projects.

It would be rare for a career to NOT HAVE ups and downs - challenges and triumphs, - and we at SKILLINGS Education want to share the experiences and real-life examples of how to triumph in your next project – and let’s face it – have less of those challenges and ups and downs.

What's so different about us?

We are constantly collaborating and bringing to life scenarios, case studies, process plans, playbooks, and lessons learned to encourage and support the ever growing contingent of construction and real estate practitioners both here and across the globe.

We want to help people that love what they do – but don’t have 25 years to master it.

Are you our next valued customer?

If you are here and wanting to learn from us and grow with us, we welcome you and look forward to a long and prosperous development experience. We look forward to providing you with the support you need for now and the future. Here’s to individual control over your own career!

Karen Skillings

Karen is the founder of SKILLINGS Education which has been providing expert training and development programs for individuals and organisations since 2016.  Karen is the curator of over 500 construction and real estate industry related self-serve study and nationally recognised and accredited training programs that support workplace initiatives. She is a trusted workplace change practitioner, author, skilled presenter, and dedicated educator who thrives on seeing others develop their understanding and skills.

Over her 25+ years in the industry Karen has seen too often - skills retire when their owners do, - and this passion for preserving knowledge and expertise and passing it on to the next generations of property professionals – drives her to develop training that is not available anywhere else in the world today.  Karen’s passion for focused and tailored learning for the ‘present and the future generations’  gets her up every day.  She has the enviable role of being able to say yes to the varied and exciting projects we get asked to develop and is the key account manager for the organisations that use SKILLINGS Education for their employee’s professional development.

No day is the same for SKILLINGS Education, and that’s just the beginning of where the excitement begins.  Karen asks you to take a look at what we can do to help you.

Alan Yu

Originally from the United States, Dr Alan Yu is an instructional designer & leadership development consultant with experience working in the education, non-profit, and corporate sectors in Asia and North America. Throughout his career, he has designed, developed & delivered online and in-person modules and programs around a variety of practical subject matter related to people development—including leadership, creativity, action learning/research, collective leadership, sustainability, communication/storytelling & multicultural dialogue, and social innovation.

Alan earned his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from University of San Diego in May 2015 where he concentrated his studies on teaching leadership, creativity, and innovation to adults. Prior to venturing into leadership education & consultancy, he was a professional graphic/user interface designer based out of Seattle developing online user experiences for various corporations in the area.

Alan is co collaborator to our Leadership course library and contributes to the planning and marketing of new courses and course libraries.  Alan is our most recent member of the team.

Caroline Baldwin

Caroline is a London School of Economics graduate, a knowledgeable educator specialising in curriculum and training program design. Caroline has over 15 years’ experience in the field, working in both the public and private sector as well as a variety of national and international NGOs. Providing both in person and online training courses to enable organisations to support their team’s growth and development. Caroline focusses on providing a learning experience for students to flourish and make significant gains and contributions both collectively and individually, boosting organisational culture and morale, as well as developing specific skillsets.

Caroline works mainly with international teams and has developed a keen understanding of the support required to enable these teams to communicate and collaborate effectively and clearly. Supporting them through engaging and informative training programs.

Caroline has been specialising in large scale logistics and supply chain projects for the last 7 years, and has gained invaluable insight into best practice and critical strategic planning to negate potential issues.

Caroline’s extensive experience enables her to bring insight from organisations around the world to SKILLINGS Education learners, giving real world examples to reinforce the knowledge shared in SKILLINGS Education courses.

Caroline has been working with the team on the Work Experience, Leadership, Procurement and Project Management course libraries.

Carolyne Holmes

Carolyne is an accomplished Organisational Change Manager with over 15 years’ experience in strategic and operational planning for programs of work involving project, organisational change, logistical and administration management in large organisations.  She is experienced in working in all project environments and has worked on a variety of both business and technical transformation projects involving people, place, process, technology, and behavioural changes.

Carolyne's experience in navigating technical and communication challenges associated with workplace change helps students across the SKILLINGS Education Course programs to understand and identify change solutions that drive productivity and efficiency whilst also maintaining stakeholder engagement to ensure a successful transition to the workplace of today.

Carolyne is co collaborator on our Change Management, Workplace Strategy, and Project Management course libraries.

Greg Hohns

Greg is a born educator with extensive teaching experience for the past 20 years in both the primary and secondary education sectors.

Teaching across a variety of subject areas, Greg has educated, mentored, managed teams, organised events, delivered outcomes and overseen budgets. He has a sound understanding of curriculum content and assessment and has delivered lesson plans that are meaningful, memorable, motivational and measurable.

Prior to teaching, Greg worked for 20 years as a qualified tradesman, working extensively in commercial fit out. This has given him a sound understanding of the commercial property industry from the project perspective of time, budget and deliverables.

Greg is a professional educator and director of SKILLINGS.

Grethel Dejaresco

Grethel specializes in eLearning design. During her 20+ year career, Grethel has worked in customer service, technical support, and IT management. She has 7 years of corporate Instructional Design experience. She is also an underwater photographer. Her creative work has helped students have a better and more engaging virtual learning experience.  Grethel works with the team to create engaging and intuitive learning experiences for our customers.

Keith Whenmouth

Keith is a senior professional in the property industry. During his 40+ year career Keith has worked in property development, project design , project management and property management in both private and public sectors.  Keith's project experience includes working as a design consultant, project manager and project director on commercial, institutional, and residential projects ranging from small individual fit outs to billion-dollar state-wide programs. Keith has also managed property portfolios for government agencies.

Sharing Keith's years of experience helps students across the SKILLINGS Education curated training programs and libraries gain insights from real life examples.

Keith is co collaborator on the Commercial Real Estate, Procurement, Property Management and Project Management Course Libraries.

Tay Wan Wei

Tay is a project engineer with design and project delivery experience. Tay works with the wider team on research and development and her expertise includes defining problems and requirements, generating concept design, and identifying ideal solution across project and design projects.

She brings her experience from managing projects from R&D stages to final stages and understands the importance of technical document preparation for production/fabrication, prototype testing and evaluation, and project handover.

Tay works tirelessly to ensure our course libraries are in ship shape and works closely with Karen and the team during research recognisance for new courses.

Vargas Vargas III

Vargas is an architect with more than 10 years of experience in residential, commercial, and institutional design, planning, and construction. He has a wealth of experience at every stage of project development – from pre-design, design development, construction, and even to post-construction phase. His experience is not limited as a designer and planner; he also has experience as a contractor, project manager, and project consultant offering various services and expertise.

His projects range from furniture design and construction to land-use planning of entire states. Vargas’ experience in design, planning, construction, and project management helps students doing their learning with SKILLINGS Education understand projects from the perspectives of the various project stakeholders.

Vargas is co collaborator on our Design Management, Workplace Strategy and Project Management Course Libraries.