Corporate Training Now Available to Individuals: 500 Courses in Real Estate & Construction

Australia’s biggest library of Real Estate and Construction courses. All-inclusive access for individuals gives you the power over your career. Now you can:

Take any course at any time

Full and immediate access to over 500 courses (at pricing you can afford) means your employer no longer decides when you’re ready for the next step in your career.

Training for any stage of your career

Over 500 courses cover the full accommodation life-cycle

Our customers include everyone from aspiring professionals to industry veterans.
For consultants, our library of courses is the only all-in-one playbook in the industry.

Our training can be used to:

  • Upskill an individual or small team.
  • Expand your service offering
  • Prepare for the job you want next
  • Prepare for a promotion.
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Strengthen your next proposal
  • Gain confidence in your current role

What our customers say about our training...

I appreciate how the course has helped me understand more the delegation of task during the construction and post construction stages.
Project Manager
Project Management
I have discussed with our staff the importance of understanding the big picture of leasing - not just the small part we work in day by day.
Chief Operating Officer
Commercial Real Estate
The course delivery was easy to digest. There are not any parts where you feel tired of going through the material.
Manager - Commercial Advisory and Transactions
Workplace Strategy