In addition to our ever-growing eLearning library, we offer fully customised courses for businesses of any size. We understand sometimes you just need some help to get started, so let us help centre your training on your project objectives and desired outcomes. How? Let us help you make the right topic and course selection.

About our courses

Our micro courses are quick and easy to navigate.

All of our courses are self-guided; they allow participants to learn at their own pace and are accessible 24/7.

We identified the need for an eLearning platform focusing on Commercial Property based on feedback from our clients over many years, all expressing the need for internal support and development when delivering their Commercial Property projects.

We offer courses to meet all needs:

  • Need new skills - You have the time, but not the skills.
  • People who have some experience but who are also looking to improve their knowledge and upskill their role.
  • Managers and their teams, providing them with the skills to improve teamwork, develop their interpersonal skills, and offer professional development.
  • ROI + Customer Experience - We have courses that cross sectors and are adaptive to retail or corporate.

Introducing Custom Packages

Content tailored for your team

Customised Learning Paths

We will hand-pick courses from our existing library to create a targeted learning path for you.

Let us help you make the right course selection. SKILLINGS Education can organise focus topics from our extensive course library that will support cohorts throughout the first 3 months or even the next 12 months of their commercial property project.

How does this work?
Tell us about the challenges you would like help with . Whether it’s understanding the design process and how to undertake a workplace strategy engagement, how to kick off a fitout project, or how to negotiate a commercial lease, once we know your desired outcomes, we will personalise a Learning Pathway for your team selecting the most suitable courses across one or many of the 12 library categories,

For as little as $AUD 1200.00 for a curated learning path plus your course licences, you are on your way to training the team you have always wanted.

Bespoke Courses

Our team of experts will write a new course specific to your unique needs.

SKILLINGS Education can develop self-service and accredited courses for businesses everywhere. Our Bespoke Training Services offer course development in a topic close to your heart. Our dedicated group of researchers, teachers, accredited trainers and course developers are ready to write a bespoke course that meets the needs of your staff development and customer.

How does this work?
If you can’t find the course suitable to your needs, and we sound right for you, talk to SKILLINGS Education about our bespoke course development. Courses will be built by SKILLINGS Education and qualifications conferred through our long association with Australasian Leadership Academy Pty Ltd, Registered Training Organisation ID 41012.  SKILLINGS Education trainers and assessors hold required credentials. 

Our Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma course prices are commensurate with the industry with the added bonus you will get the blend of content you require for a similar cost.  We can build the real estate training program of your organisation’s dreams!