Property Management
Property Management is described as the approach and skill set used to handle real estate property assets to improve long-term investment values while lowering expenses. Find out more!
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Property Management


This course library will focus on managing long-term relationships, assist with negotiating outcomes and give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

  • Maximisation of assets, and the approach and skill set used to handle real estate property assets.
  • Structural Maintenance Responsibilities of the Property Manager.
  • Tenant Selection and Obligations.                     
  • Property inspections are performed for a variety of reasons, find out the types of Property Inspections you may need to make.
  • Managing conflict.

Commercial property eLearning customised with your role in mind.

Wherever you are starting, we will show you the way.

  • Guided learning paths that break down complex processes into tangible steps.
  • The highest educational & professional standards, simply presented.
  • Standardised documentation for client/practitioner roles & responsibilities.

Content for beginners and established practitioners brushing up on their skills.

Develop your toolkit. Build your confidence.

  • Delivering your projects on time, with outcome-oriented professional guidance.
  • Avoiding common pitfalls, thanks to learnings from decades of experience.
  • Leading with clarity and ensuring that all parties are confident in their role.

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