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In this 2 part course series, you will learn about the stakeholder groups and how to get them onboard in creating encouraging campaigns.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Develop the governance structure that a workplace change project follows
  • Convey examples of Campaigns demonstrating how your Workplace project can be a simple or a significant investment
  • Engage with staff and help to socialize new ideas or work practices
  • Determine the information that you will need to provide stakeholders

Course Topics

Course 1 - Forming Project Teams - Meet your Main Stakeholder Groups
Learn about the three major stakeholder groups and the essential information the Change Manager will need to assist in the nomination and formal engagement of these stakeholders.
Course 2 - Feedback and Evaluation Approach for Prototype Spaces
Learn to identify the business, organizational and communication context in which the project will be implemented.


This course is suitable for anyone wanting to manage stakeholders across multiple programmes, and learn how to support change initiatives to meet the organizations’ quantitative targets.