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In this 3 part course series, you will learn how the Workplace Strategy will reflect the new and best in practice change initiatives to continue to support the focus of the client organization.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Learn how to undertake a Needs Analysis and the perspective of the client who is undergoing a Needs Analysis
  • Discover Workshops and land on the In Focus topics
  • Communicate how the In Focus topics are developed through to effective introduction of new processes or systems in the change programme
  • Define the Spatial Principles required to meet the optimal space needs, workflows, locations, size, floor plates, and outcomes for the business
  • Interpret the decisions around technology adoption and experience standards that may be different to current state

Course Topics

Course 1 - Needs Analysis
Learn how to undertake a Needs Analysis, and what considerations and thinking on location, space layout and optimization is necessary.
Course 2 - Spatial Principles - An Essential Part of your Occupancy Strategy
Learn the importance of Spatial Principles, how they support the organization's future and set the framework for how the business will occupy and use the workplace.
Course 3 - Technology Early Adopters - Getting your Teams On Board
Learn how to assess the suitability of the project teams’ participation as an early adopter of incoming or upgraded technology.


This course is suitable for anyone wanting to undertake needs analysis, learn how to land on the spatial principles to meet the optimal needs, and understand the landscape of the decisions that have been made.