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In this 3 part course series, you will explore the first three months of a change program.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Set up channels and modes
  • Determine the stakeholders involved
  • Undertake discovery and research
  • Form communication packs
  • Build relationships with establish workstream leads
  • Socialize change initiatives

Course Topics

Course 1 - MONTH 01 - Your Workplace Change Project
Gain an understanding of what to get started on in Month 1 of your project. Learn how to work with internally appointed teams to facilitate, record and communicate events or success stories.
Course 2 - MONTH 02 - Your Workplace Change Project
Develop communication packs to set the minds of the leadership and organization at ease.
Course 3 - MONTH 03 - Your Workplace Change Project
This is the time to start socializing the Change & Communications Strategy with the PCG and getting signoff.


This course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn how to work with project teams and facilitate, record and communicate a workplace change project.