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In this 2 part course series, you will learn of the planning of an official opening and Welcome Ceremony.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the programmes of work that the Change Manager will be part of - or managing
  • Identify activities to successfully orchestrate an event
  • Develop communications for stakeholders
  • Identify the activities, tasks and documents that will need to be considered and organized for the business to be ‘relocation ready’
  • Recognize the efforts required to plan an official opening and Welcome Ceremony

Course Topics

Course 1 - Readiness Activities - Preparing for the Relocation
Learn how to share information that assists the relocation messages to stakeholders in the business.
Course 2 - Celebrating your New Workplace - the Welcome Ceremony
Learn about the efforts required to plan an official opening and Welcome Ceremony.


This course is suitable for anyone wanting to explore the critical activities that help bring home the long-term aspirations of the project and that rewards everyone for their efforts.